Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sweet Apples Galore

It was too beautiful out to not take advantage it.  Especially since every weekend the entire month of October is booked with birthdays, conferences, and Halloween festivities.  So after school, I took the boys to Barden Family Orchard in North Scituate, Rhode Island to do some apple picking.
Today's brisk and sunny visit was our first to this harvest zone.  Nestled in the back woods of nowhere, in the outskirts of the Apple Valley, Barden's hosts a variety of pick your own stuff including apples, peaches, and veggies.  They also have a lot of pumpkins to help you get your Halloween on.  But we were there for the apples.
For $15 per peck, or 2 for $25, we could find Galas, Macs, Macouns, Grannys, and other varieties.  Though they try to clearly mark the breed of tree, unfortunately most tags were off so we went by sight.
The boys and I had such a blast picking.  I swear Mudge found one as big as his head, which of course resulted in me carrying his bag because "It's too heavy, mom." And then, Boog was being so strong carrying the bag around, but visions of a peck of apples rolling down the hill towards the car made me take his as well.  Self preservation, I know.
But now that we are done, the question really is: What the heck to do I do now with two pecks of apples?
Apple crisp.  Because I don't need crust.
Apple streusel. MMM. Streusel.
Apple coffee cake.  Anything as a side with coffee.
Apple slices on PB sandwiches.  A new favorite of Boog's.
Pork Chops and Appleshauce. Peter Brady's favorite.

Suppose I should get to work on some recipes.....
Anyone got any????

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