Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Talkin' Tatas Tuesdays, or Rather How to Support Them

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, I figured it would be a good forum to discuss the girls.  

So besides talking about the importance of a good self breast exam, I defer to the Susan G. Komen Organization and its wealth of information on early detection and screening, I am choosing to rather talk about the need to support them in the right way- a good, No, an excellent fitting bra.  Do any of you remember Beaches and Bette Midler's character CeCe singing about whether or not "Do you buys a titsling, or do you buy a brazierre?"  
If you are like me, the girls are nowhere near where they were in high school, let alone, before I had children.  So whether you refer to them as tatas, pancakes, jugs, boobs, or breasts, they are a big part of your life.  And you should take care of them.
I will have you know, this card was from my best friend of 20 some odd years. Feel the love?
So I went on my own Boobtastic Adventure and I finally had my very own bra fitting at Victoria's Secret, in Garden City, Cranston.  My free fitting was done by Mary, a wonderfully helpful woman.  And it was not intimidating at all.  She first measure me chest diameter to get an idea of my girth, with my clothes on.  Then she brought it a bunch of different styles to try.  Each time, I was given privacy to try them on, then she asked if I would like her to adjust the straps and see if it were a good fit.  She also shared some great pointers like:

  • Make sure you secure your bra with the middle hooks.  If you have back cleavage (like below) then you don't have the right fit.  If you have to do either the first or last hook, you may want to look into a different size (ie 32 or 36 if you thought you were a 34)
  • Make sure your back strap sits in the middle of your back.  If it is riding up towards your shoulders, your boobs will look low and droopy and you will probably be slouching (she didn't say that. She said it wouldn't support them properly.)
  • If you have the four(or six)-boob-effect, you should make sure you have the correct cup size.  They should be well contained within the cup.

So next time you aren't liking the way you feel or look, remember what Stacey and Clinton say from What Not To WearYour Bra Is Your BFF. When your girls are lifted and separated, you look thinner, period. You appear taller. Your waist appears narrower. Ladies with a larger bust will especially need to 

invest in a really, really great brassiere.

If you have never had a fitting, I would highly recommend it.  There are few things I truly invest in besides a car, a house, and a family.  Those would be shoes and a well fitted over the shoulder boulder holder.

And if you or anyone you know has been touched by Breast Cancer, consider donating to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

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