Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween, old school

I do love Halloween. I love seeing all of the costumes, creativity, and excitement in the faces of the children and the brave adults who join them. I can clearly recall the pictures of my sister and I dressed up like punk rockers and cats. It was easy. Cheap. And you made it. I miss that. There are so many premade options out there that it is just easier, because who has time to make a Spiderman costume?

But this year we had no choice on the matter. The boys decided to pay homage to Monster Bug Wars and be insects for All Hallows Eve. Not just any insects, but a Giant Rainforest Mantis and a Bull Ant.
Check out the videos the kids are soooo obsessed with....
Note the large pinchy mandibles, that Mudge so desperately wanted
So we had to come up with some ideas on how to create the creepy crawlers because we would paying out ass for a decent costume So home came extra cardboard and tubing. Out came the paint and exacto knives. Off to Micheals for some random extra large pipe cleaners and foam visors. And voila! A true homemade Trick or Treating delight.

The boys are soooo excited and we are too. Kyle put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into forming the wings and spiny front legs. So we shall see the true outcome in just a few days....

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