Monday, October 3, 2011

Silly Sushi Supper Night. Or Attempt at Food Poisoning?

So my children have limited palates. Tonight to help broaden their epicurean taste buds I thought about sushi. Silly sushi.

I figured if we made a fun dessert, then it would motivate them to eat their pretend sushi.

So with fruit roll ups, rice crispy treats, and licorice ropes we created a pretty colorful rendition of the traditional wrap. And it sat there and waited.
Then onto dinner. Well, this was a food fail. Since the children will not eat seaweed, I had them flatten out bread with rolling pins. Then we put rice, sweet potato fries and a fish stick in. Odd combo I know. Frankly not sure what I was thinking. No. I take that back. I thought about the sweet potato rolls I have had in the past and thought of this make shift version. And the fish sticks were close enough to nuggets that i figured the kids wouldn't outright fight them.
And for the most part I was right. Amazingly Boog ate an entire roll. Mudget ate 1 potion. I ate them too. Then Kyle took a bite and spit it out. Silly sushi turned into Ghetto sushi. My husband decided it was a failed attempt at food poisoning. Which at first I started laughing at hysterically.  Then, I got pissed.  How dare he spit food out! We are always trying to get the boys to try something new.  Suck it up, buttercup and eat the friggin' roll.

Eventually the boys were able to eat the fruit (roll ups) of our labor. And eventually Kyle made his own dinner.  Maybe not so much a food fail, but a food draw: dinner 1, mom 1.

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