Thursday, October 13, 2011

Canes and other random thoughts of a six year old...

So this was tonight's conversation at bedtime with Boog.  I love the randomness.

"Mom, you don't have to have white hair to use a walking cane.  Vava uses one, but she doesn't have white hair."
Actually honey, she does.
"What? You gotta be kidding me!"
Nope, she uses hair dye.
"Why do people do that?  I'm not going to do that when I get white hair."
No, men usually don't.
"Pepe has white hair but he doesn't use a walking cane."
Yes, honey, you are right.
"So I guess you just need bad feet to use a cane, not white hair.  Just like some people use crutches."
Yup. Just like some people uses walkers.

"Mom, did you know M. is 27 and super big?"
Yes. He is pretty tall.
"I mean, really, how did he get that big?"
He must come from a tall family.
"Humph. He's gonna keep growing?!"
Did you meet his girlfriend?
"Yup. She uses a wheelchair.  What's wrong with her legs?"
I don't know. Maybe she doesn't have the strength in her legs to walk so she uses the wheelchair to get around.
"No, I think her legs are just like this."
You know what? I know kids that use wheelchairs.
"At your school?"

"Can brothers and sisters have different moms and dads?"
Well..... B's mom is Auntie and her dad is Uncle X right? But since Auntie is married to Uncle Y and they had baby J, they have different daddies.  But that makes Uncle Y a step daddy.
"Oh I see.  So is Uncle X J's stepfather?"
"Why not?"
Because it is based on who is married to who.
"Oh. OK. Good night mommy."

I feel like it was an episode of Deep Thoughts with Boog.  Boy, that could have gone on a lot longer. Thankfully, he was tired. So what kind of conversations did you have with your kids tonight?

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