Saturday, October 29, 2011


This morning from across the hall: Thump. Thump. Thump.  Two seconds later, Mudge with his corner blankie and a stuffed Angry Bird staring at me.

"Momma, the clock says 6 4 0.  Can we go downstairs?"
Honey, when the clock says 7 0 0.

Then for the next twenty minutes as we lay in my bed, Mudge proceeded to detail every change in the clock.
"Momma, the clock says 6 4 2"
"Now it says 6 4 3"
"Now it says 6 4 4"
You get the picture.

But this is actually a wonderful thing. I remember when Boog, at about this age, understood numbers.  We had put a clock in his room for this reason.  And since he is such a stickler for rules, when we told him "when the clock says 645 you can come get us" in fact, that is what he did.

So now the Mudge is mastering the identification of numbers, it makes procrastination a little easier, since I can tell him at 1100 we will open the goody bag from last night.  But it is a double edge sword since I will receive a detailed time table until the desired time is reached.

I suppose it is time to put a clock in HIS room, so he doesn't have to check mine.

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