Thursday, October 20, 2011

Slimy Belly

"Hun, what time are you leaving?"
Shortly, why?
"Boog's at the nurse's office."

So I get to the school to pick up Boog and Mudge to find them both waiting for me in the office.  What's wrong?  "My belly feels slimy."  Looking a little pasty and knowing he isn't one to make up false illness accusations (yet) I figured we were in for a night of barf bowl fun.

So we stopped to get some ginger ale and special tea because "that special tea always helps me feel better."  Of course, like he usually does, he takes no more than 2 sips to decide that it does just the trick.  (it is Celestial Season's by the way, not special tea).  Regardless, we make it home without explosions in the car, always a plus.

Boog explained that his stomach did not feel slimy before lunch. Nor did it feel slimy during or after lunch.  But it started getting "lumpy like applesauce pudding" during music.  Ok.  But instead of barfing, he was FOS.  Literally.  Now, a few pounds lighter and no longer with a slimy belly, he is feeling fine.  Boy, am I glad.....

So what was the most creative way your kids described how they felt?

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