Saturday, October 1, 2011

When the cat's away...

When the hubby is away, it makes mothering twice as, um, hard.

I can truly appreciate the idea of team work when parenting when the other team player is not around.  Usually it is divide and conquer at bath and bed time.  But instead it is clone and conquer, attempting to appease and corral the two boys.

Actually, it was a great day with Boog and Mudge.  They were happy, which means I was happy.  We played soccer, legos and Wii.  We shopped.  We laughed.  Especially at Mudge as he went through Kohl's yelling, "MOM, COME OVER HERE. COME SEE. YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!" At everything.  You would have thought I have never taken him out of his cage or something.  We even had special mom and us date night at Chili's, which apparently was on everyone else's agenda as well, because even just before 5 pm was busy.

Now, I get a little reprieve.  Movie night. Popcorn. Zone out time.  I don't feel guilty.  We had a wonderful day.  My house may look like it was turned inside out, but at least we are happy and I haven't throttled them..... yet.

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