Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Think Fun's SWISH Funalysis

I Swish
You Swish
We all Swish
for Think Fun's Swish.
I had way too much fun with this game today.
Boog calls it "Sniping," the ability to locate a swishable ball in hoop match up.  And he is really good, and really excited.  "For crying out loud mom, I am sniping out a lot of match ups!"  Even Mudge got in on the game, finding some even without help, which was a little funny since the game is targeted for 8 and up.
Swish is a set of transparent cards with colored "balls" (dots) and "hoops" (ring).  The object of the game is to mentally flip, rotate, and stack same colored balls and hoops while not leave any unmatched.  Major spatial relations and position in space game.  You can make it easy, taking turns.  Or change it up, making multi card swishes.  Or speed it up for quick draw "Sniper Swishing" as Boog called it.
I love the simplicity of the game. The design is geometrically pleasing to look at.  And the cards seem pretty sturdy.  It is travel friendly in its little drawstring pack.   For the kiddos with spatial problems, this is a great way to implement therapeutic fun time.  Of course, my colleagues, family and students were also quite intrigued with the game with its playful nature.  I like how it can be played solo if no one wants to join in the fun, or you can have a crazy Swish-fest with a bunch of friends.  No matter how many people, you can come up with a version to make it engaging.

So for around $12.99, it is pretty affordable for the therapeutic and family game arsenal.  And since it is joyful, socially engaging and connected, and gives a sense of internal control, my fellow Life is Good Playmakers would say, Swish can be a transformative play experience!

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