Saturday, October 22, 2011

Foster'ing Good Times at Cucumber Hill Farm

Our good friend invited us to go to a corn maze tonight, out in Foster, Rhode Island.  Cucumber Hill Farm is a beautifully revamped farm that has a little extra to offer this time of year.
Located wayyyyyy out off Route 6, right near the Killingly, Connecticut border, is where you can pick your own pumpkins and gourds, do a few pony rides ($3), or do some fall photography.
Open weekends,  September 24 to October 30th, Cucumber Hill Farms offers free hayrides, free kiddie hay maze, and tonight they had some complimentary hot cocoa and coffee.  For a $8 for anyone over 12, $4 for 4-12, and free for under that, you get to enjoy a corn-y trip through the Land of Oz.
Kyle had the kids running around throughout the maze looking for the Wizard of Oz based questions.  We found 8 of the 10 posts with questions about the movie.  And since it was supper time, we didn't go back to see if we could find anymore.  
 Right.  Supper time in Foster.  Where to go?  Amazingly enough, we had heard of a little place called Pizza King.  Just a local joint, located off the beaten path (moreso than we were) on a pond.  For under $40, we fed 3 adults and four kids.  Not bad.  And neither was the food.  In fact, we decided we wanted to go back another night when the kids weren't so tired and wired to try some of the funky pizzas, lobster bisque, and grinders they had on the menu.  And it looks like it would make a great summer stop, since you can eat outside overlooking the view of the water.
So if you are looking for something to do out in the land of "No School Foster/Glocester", take a ride down route 6, pick some pumpkins, get lost in OZ, and find some tasty food less than 10 minutes away from the farm.

Pizza King
430 Ledge Road
Dayville, CT

Cucumber Hill Farm
39 Cucumber Hill Road
Foster, RI

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