Monday, September 5, 2011

Fresh Lemonade, A Therapeutic Analysis

Laboring over what to do today?  Try making fresh lemon-lime-ade.  Since I purchased the Tupperware Lemon Lime Press, Kyle has made it his goal to make fresh versions of the delicious and citrusy thirst quencher.

Basic Recipe:
1 cup freshly squeeze lemons/lime juice
Simple Syrup: 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar, heated until dissolved
4 cups ice water

Now, the benefits.
1. Your kitchen will smell lemon fresh for an hour, giving you a sense of cleanliness, even if your kitchen is not so....umm..... clean
2. The children will get a kick out of prepping the citrus by rolling and punching them prior to squeezing the hell out of them.  By doing so, the loosens the pulps cells allowing for more juice extraction.  And it is a great heavy work activity incorporating hand eye and bilateral coordination.
3. Hand squeezing with a juice is a great kitchen dynamometer, ie grip strength measurer.  You can test your strength and build upper body strength as you pulverize the yellow and green monsters.
4. You reap the benefits.  The lemon-lime-ade is insanely delicious.  The lime just adds a slightly sweeter and less intense flavor that compliments the lemon.  He has made just lemon, but we found to add a little extra ice water improves the experience.

Overall, if you have never made fresh lemon-lime-ade, try it.  Get the kids involved and enjoy a glass.  You might never want to go back to the powdered stuff again.

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