Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Mudget

My second child, Mudge, is "3 and 3 quarters years old". And he is out-weighed by four of his 15-22 month old cousins.

He has always been small.  He was 6-8 when he was born, even though I was a gestational diabecca.
He has consistently fallen loosely around the 10th to 25th percentile for height and weight.  I fear he has been cursed with my maternal genes, as most of my family member are less than five foot three.

He suffers from NoAssAtAll Syndrome.  Often spending more time giving people a full moon than keeping them up.  Regardless of size of pants.  Today he was wearing 2T shorts and spent half the birthday party with them around his ankles.
We've tried the stretching technique.....
He.... eats...... very.........................slowly.  Unless given snack foods.  We have conceded to put on a timer at supper time since it will take him over an hour to take a few bites.  We used to play the flick game.  If we counted to three before he took a bite, we could flick him in the head.  That worked for a while.

Unfortunately he is just a grazer.  And would eat snacks all day long if given the chance.  It's not sensory.  It doesn't appear metabolic.  It's just him.  And it's annoying.  So today we measured him against the wall, like we usually do with the boys.  And you know what, he shrank.  I am sure it is related to user failure (ie me not being incredibly accurate) but it worked in our favor.  We told him if he doesn't start eating better, he'll disappear by Christmas.

Is that bad?

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