Friday, September 23, 2011

Pinkyberry should change its name to Yummy Deliciousness

Pinkberry.  I was a virgin till today.  And once you go pink, you'll never want to have anything else.  

After getting the bug put in my ear by Jen at Savor the Thyme , I have been stewing about when I would get there.  Because Cranston is just way too far away.   And today was the day.  After returning some items, I saw the Pinkberry sign.  It called to me as if to say, you don't need to eat lunch first.  I walked through the doors to be greeted by delightful "swirlers".   They offered me tastes of each of the six soft serve fro yo flavors before making a decision.  Mango or Coconut.  I ate, pondered, ate some more, pondered some more.  I really wanted an Almond Joyish experience, but the Mango talked to me.

Then I could add toppings.  And not just any toppings, but fresh fruit, chopped daily my swirler explained, as well as shaved coconut, white chocolate chips, heath bars and others.  There were new products too, fruit gems, looking like fruity caviar.   I loved the little quick blurbs stating how many calories were in a serving of topping.

As I had never been there before, it was like a cross between a Cold Stone Creamery and a smoothie bar.  But it was so much more.  It makes you think healthy.  And I like the serving sizes.  Even though it was a little over $3 for the mini with topping (Mango fro yo, dark chocolate crisps, and Mango pearl thingys), it was a just right size.  Though I could have eaten a ton more.

Thank god Cranston is too far for me to drive on a daily basis (I know, Rhode Island mentality) because if it were in Smithfield, I would be in big trouble.  You will either thank me or curse me: Find a Pinkberry near you.

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