Saturday, September 24, 2011

You still have Sunday to checkout Kidsfest!

If you are trying to figure out something to do with the family that incorporates bouncy houses, free healthy snacks, free schwag, and kid friendly entertainment then head to Wachusett Mountain 21st Annual Kidsfest.

The boys and I went today and we had a blast.  After all the rain last night, the grounds were mushy and muddy (no different than soccer this morning) but that didn't stop the show.  The North East Trixstars BMX bikers doing stunts, that Boog claims that he will do when he is 11.  There was a stiltwalker: Mom, where are his feet?  There was enough calcium enriched foods like the TruMoo Garelick farms stands giving away free chocolate and plain mild and the Stoneyfield guys dispersing delicious yogurt, cheese, and milk goodies, to strengthen the bones of all of Massachusetts.

Boog at the Worcester Sharks Hockey Shoot Out
There were reps from tons of local kid related business from the Worcester area including karate, golf, hockey (Go Sharks!), care centers, and gymnastics.  And we didn't even get to stay to see the Blue Dog Group do their amazing frisbee stunts.  Oh, and we "met" Smokey the Bear, you remember "Only you can prevent forest fires."  Well, Boog was not keen on going near the bear in jean with red suspenders, but at least he took the hat.

Entering one of the at least 5 bouncies.

Mudge learning the art of golf at the PGA tent
There were so many food products being given away, my bag was stuffed.  My snack drawer is now full of goodies.  So bring an extra back pack or something.  You can go there hungry, and come out full from tasting a ton of stuff. But they do have concessions and BBQ there if you need something a little more substantial.
I swear I didn't hoard.  That was just a one of each from the kids and me.

After about 2 hours there, the boys were toast and I wasn't going to push the limits.  Though I was lucky enough to have gone for the nadda, my friends that accompanied me agreed that the $8-10 admission fee, free for 2 and under, is well worth the bouncy house exercise and the free snacks.  There are other activities for additional fees, like the Sky Ride, crafts, and such.    Overall, it is a great way to spend the day finding new activities to do while wearing the kids out!

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