Monday, September 26, 2011

A-Maze-Ing Perspectives at Fort Hill Farms

How someone can design a corn maze and make it with a weed whacker and a GPS is beyond me.  But Kristin Orr owner of Fort Hill Farms in Thompson, Connecticut did just that.
If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Kristin, you may be in awe of her positive energy.  She has a way with words, literally.  She goes around forming zen quotes about peace throughout the farm.  Today, she showed me "A-maze-in-grace", formed in rocks.  She not only shared with me her passion for words, but I could just tell about her passion for farming and agriculture as well.  She and her family have owned Fort Hill Farms for over 20 years.  The ice cream business, just for the past two.  The namesake to this year's corn maze "The Farmer's Cow" is from their desire to produce and distribute the freshest dairy around.
I inadvertently learned quite a bit today when I took the boys over to the farm to complete the maze after school. I figured it might be the only nice day of the week to do it, and Fort Hill is open daily, weather permitting.  Did you know there is difference between a maze and a labyrinth?  There is.  And you can find it out at Fort Hill Farm's Corn Maze.  For $7 per person, you can do the Milk Carton Labyrinth to find your fortune.  By locating the five flavors throughout the condensed labyrinth, placing a different chalk color on each finger, you can learn your destiny.
 It was actually oddly eerie that Boog's fortune was that he "Walks the Straight and Narrow."  Um, yes in fact, he does.  Mudge's fortune was that he "Aspires greatness."  And I, of course, "spend my time wisely."  Kinda funny.   Not surprisingly Kristin created the fortunes.  It took us about a half hour to complete the path and find our fortunes.  Then, of course, we had ice cream.  Muddy Boots.  Mint Chip. Nutter Butter Chocolate something.  All I remember is that it was delicious.
Though we didn't have a chance today to complete the formal Maze, we will hopefully go back before it closes in November.  If you happen to want some peace, tranquility and ice cream, head to Fort Hill Farms.  You just might find it there.  Or you just get lost and become fortunate.

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