Thursday, August 11, 2011

Adventures in coaching...

Yeah. This may be a series of unfortunate events over the next few weeks as I have taken on the role of Coach for under 6 recreational league this fall.... for soccer.

Let me preface that I have never played soccer.  Many of my friends were soccer players so maybe I was one by association or osmosis.  But either way I know very little except you don't use your hands.

So today the BGYSA was hosting a coaches' clinic.  First note to self: wear sneakers.  I was busy most of the day and wore flip flops, went to the library for a party, left there to go to the field.  Nothing in the email stated I should be ready to play.  But maybe I should have known.  I thought it was going to be going over rules and regulations or something. Silly me.

None the less, I ran around in my very inappropriate footwear  also without the correct over the shoulder boulder holder.  Second note to self: wear a sports bra.  It's not like we ran laps but we were kicking, or shall I use the correct lingo passing, jogging, sweating, and what not.  Learning techniques, not drills.  Fine.

There was one other woman in the group, which made me feel better but I was definitely the only rookie.  Most of the men there had probably played in high school so there was a little bit of that testosterone around, but overall everyone was pretty nice.  I had no idea what the guy was talking about a good percentage of the time.  But really, it is under 6, so if I can get some basics like trapping and passing without causing bodily or emotional scarring to the children, I think I will be good.

It was nice to find out there was a set of parents who started coaching last year without experience, coming back again because they had a great time.  Wish me luck.  This should be interesting.......

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