Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stop and smell the savasana....

You know, I though about going to my grandfather's beach house. And I thought about hiking a trail. I thought about doing a lot of things, but none of them would come to fruition today.

Instead they boys stayed in tier jammies until close to 11 playing "feeding time" during which the boys catapult cars at their dinosaurs. We played a few games of Zingo. And eventually they got the brain spasm to go swimming, while I watched because frankly I had zero oomph today.  No amount of coffee with my new Almond Joy creamer (yum) would caffeinate my brain and body to get it moving faster than a sloth.

Apparently my day was an entire Savasana yoga pose, or Do Nothing Doll.  I could have laid on the ground, arms and legs flopped to the side like a rag doll, except that the kids would poke me with sticks or try to jump on me.  So in my mind, I was savasana.   I did make a killer pulled pork.  Maybe that would count for "something".   But alas, that was in a slow cooker.  So nope.  Savasana.

But I think after alllllll of the things we've been doing, it was nice to have a break.  The kids didn't mind. In fact they enjoyed and appreciated their free time.  I know sometimes I have to consciously take a break from summer day tripping to enjoy it for what it is, summer vacation.

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