Monday, August 22, 2011

A Mini Paleontologist's Dream- another Penny Squisher Adventure

If your children (and most likely you) know more than one species of dinosaur from either Nick Jr.'s Dino Dan or PBS Dinosaur Train or even the How does a dinosaur series by Jane Yolen, then this is a must visit.

The Dinosaur Place is located in Montville, Connecticut, exit 77 off Route 395.  For less than $20 bucks per person aged 2-60, there is enough to keep everyone occupied for the day.  There is first a walking trail around Raptor Bay where you can get up close to life-size dinosaurs like Therazinosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Utahraptors, and Brachiosaurus as well as many more.  After a the trail, there is a maze leading you to the mouth of a TRex.

Now put on your suits and head for one of the best and largest zero-depth splash pads in the north east.  But remember to bring water shoes or flip flops. They are mandatory.  They do offer flip flops S, M, and L to borrow if you happen to forget.  The staff minding the area are incredibly diligent about keeping the running feet at bay, but they are kind and very good at what they do.  There are also changing rooms and rest rooms located right on site which is very convenient.  Even a little boy's urinal in the ladies room, since they end up in there with us anyway.

Then there is Monty's Playground, the envy of any and every schoolyard.  There are web structures galore that will allow the kids to climb to their hearts content.  And if you are the adult with them, it will bring your heart into your throat as they climb way further than you would want them to.

Since we have found this place, it has been an annual voyage. The boys look forward each year to going to the "dinosaur museum".  Today I had 4 boys, ages 3-11, and each one of them had a great time.  So great, all but the almost-6-year-old fell asleep in the back of the car on the ride home. Sweet.

If you are looking to make the trek, normal business hours for the outside adventure is from 9:30 (splash pad opens at 10) to 6 pm.  But check here for hours and events.  There are also indoor activities, for an additional cost.  And yes, there is a penny squisher.  Bring 2 quarters and 1 penny. :)    Pack a lunch (though there is food available) bring your camera, sunscreen, and water shoes, then get your dino on. Click here for a family-saving printable coupon.

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