Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurrican, Hurrican't

Notice the first part of the word hurricane is "Hurry"?  I went to the grocery store last night, not to prep for the impending storm, but to prep for Boog's 6th birthday party, which is today, after soccer, before the hurricane.  I actually enjoy food shopping, so the fact that a bajillion people were out stocking up on water, milk, and bread didn't phase me.  I needed chips, dips, and veggies.
I find it kind of ironic that he was born the day Katrina hit Louisiana.  He even had a swirl cowlick on the top of his head.

It's been twenty years ago that Bob hit New England.  Almost all but my grandfather's cottage on his strip of beach had floated down the road.

During Gloria, I remember coloring in my coloring book with my sister in the hallway of our little cape, so that in case of a window breaking we wouldn't be near any.

I went yesterday to help bring in the loose objects at the beach cottage.  It was a beautiful day. The weather and water were delightful.  I suppose it is like the calm before the storm.  I love the non-chalant-ness my grandfather, at 80+, has about the impending doom.  "I've been paying into insurance for years. That's what its for."

I wonder if it will look the same after the storm....

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