Wednesday, August 17, 2011

YB and the Corner Blankie

Happiness is a warm blanket, Charlie Brown!~  Charles Schultz

Both of my children are Linus.  I was a Linus.  My husband was one too.  It is in our genes. We love our blankies.  Mine was a Noogie.  My mother's best friend Debbie made it for my sister, but she didn't like it.  And I attached myself to it.  They had to wait till I was sleeping to pry it off me in order to wash it.  Now I do the same for my own boys.

Boog's is the YB, short for yellow blankie.  At first, he had blue ones and only used the blues one, of which we had probably 10 varieties.  Then one day, he decided he only the yellow would do.  We had one.  Then miraculously my mother found two more exactly the same, so we could switch them out every couple of days.  It gets stinky.  He doesn't suck his thumb; instead he wraps the blankie around his thumb and shoves it in his mouth.  He has now graduated to the PB, Patriot's Blankie and gave Mudge the yellow one.  Mudge tries to be like him, shoving it into his mouth, but he gags and takes it out.  The Mudge is more of a  hand knitted blankie connoisseur.

He has MANY hand made blankets that various family members have made since his birth.  But none compare to his Corner Blankie.  He has strategically has pulled the soft cottony fibers from the edges of the blankets to create this fluff that he brushes ever so gently under the tip of his nose.  I love watching this.  He just zones out and brushes it back and forth, just like I used to do with the silk fiber of my Noogie. Funny how even the smallest details of childhood our passed through genetics...

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