Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bowling for Soup, Naaaahhhh We Bowl for Ice Cream....

The Ice Cream Ball...
It is probably one of the more fun inventions that makes ice cream worth its work.  Just fill one end with ice and salt.  The other end with your favorite things like coffee milk, chocolate milk, milk with sugar and vanilla, or even some yogurt.  Then shake, rattle and roll.  Or bowl, like we did.

 We have a couple of good hills in our yard, so I was able to give the boys a good work out running up and down the hill to create the frozen concoction of skim milk, chocolate chips, sugar and vanilla also known as chocolate chip ice cream.  They did this for 20 minutes, then I scraped the sides of the ice cream container and back to work they went bowling for ice cream for an additional 10.  Because of the low fat content of the skim milk, it tends to be a little loose.  So I throw it in the freezer for a few minutes to harden a little more.  But trust me, it tastes just as good if you don't wait.
I like the idea of an ice cream ball for a couple of reasons.  First, you know the ingredients you are putting into it so you can be as healthy, or not, as you would like.  Second, its a work out.  It is at least the weight of a 10 lb bowling ball when it is full with a mix and ice.  Third, it teaches them about the fruits of labor, science, and cooking.  And lastly, your end product is an empty bowl.  Yes I do have an electric ice cream maker, that I use to make my frozen favorites, but the ball is for the kids.

You can find them now all over the internet like Target, REI, LLBean, Amazon, and other stores usually for between $20 and $40  depending on size, 1 or 2 quart models.  Totally worth it, and lots of fun.

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