Thursday, August 11, 2011

Let's Go Patriots!

Ok, if you don't already know, I am a big Patriots fan.  And therefore we are molding our children to be as well.  So the past few years, we've gone to Training Camp, which is the coolest thing for kids and adults.
First, it's free. Free parking.  Free activities like the Patriots Experience full of bouncy house galore and the occasional Patriot Cheerleader signings.  Free close viewing of the Patriots practicing.  And free signings after practice, if you are lucky enough.
I have been fortunate enough to go to a few games, in the nosebleeds.  Training camp, however, allowed us to get closer than we ever thought we would.  Like yesterday, Training Camp was hosted in the stadium.  We sat right behind the uprights.  We were feet away from the field.  As a fan, it was awesome.  Though I don't think the boys appreciated how unlikely this situation was, at least Kyle and I did.  Because unless we are willing to shell out a couple of hundred bucks each, we won't be sitting there again until next Training Camp.

I have always been impressed by the way the Kraft family and the Patriot organization handles community and fans.  Their philanthropy is impressive.  They have their "Kick Cancer" campaign to increase cancer awareness and early detection.  Their Patriots Charitable Foundation provides donations and grants to worthy applicants.  And they even do Player Appearances.  Last year, I had the pleasure of getting Patrick Pass to come to my school as part of Play 60 and Reading Week.  Everyone was so amazed with his enthusiasm and kindness throughout his visit.  Of course, I was sick in bed so after months of planning, I didn't even get to meet him.... c'est la vie.
So if you are a Patriots fan you should make your way to Patriot Place at Foxboro soon.  With the first preseason game on for tonight, looks like your next Training Camp viewing will be this Saturday from 1:30-4:00.  It does get crowded so if you can get there early, do.  Bring water bottles, snacks and sunscreen.  Maybe a football and a Sharpie if you are lucky.

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