Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rice Box, Moon Sand and the other reasons why I love my vacuum....

As an OT I am always using the messiest things with kids, at my place of work.  At home, not so much, though I am sure Kyle would disagree.  But when I do, I count my blessings we have a Dyson.  So here are my top 10 messy reasons why I love my vacuum:

10.  Playdoh-  It doesn't matter how many stranded clumps of the non toxic concoction I am able to stick to the clump I am holding, there are always some lonesome survivors on the floor waiting for me to step on them and drag throughout the house.

9. Hole Punchings- 1/4" perfect circular holes to make eyes, borders, spots, and lacing holes float throughout the kitchen during "bug craft" time, inevitably due to Mudget taking off the catcher.

8. Couscous- OK, we don't craft with it but my children like to eat it and therefore most of it ends up on the floor since the little one has yet to master neutral wrist control during careful eating and the older one insists on piling it onto his spoon to make it look like Everest

7. Rice- same as the couscous. Why do I even bother....

6. Sparkles- everything is better with glitter.  Even the table, the floor, the chairs, the rug, their hair....

5. Pencil Shavings- let me fill you in, Boog's teacher finally figured out what he was doing when he wasn't doing his work when she opened his pencil box and found a pencil and crayon massacre.

4. Moon Sand- I cursed my girlfriend the day she gave my son Moon Sand for his birthday because as cool as it is, it sticks to EVERYTHING!

3. Playground surfacing- Its amazing that in a size 8 toddler shoe there will be 3 lbs of sandbox sand or mulch hidden in it as if he were hoarding it to take home and add to ours.

2. Dog Hair- Maggie sheds as if everyday is the day directly following the winter solstice and her fur is white no less.  So the tumbleweeds gently roll through the living room, kitchen and toy room like a spaghetti western.

1.  The rice box.  The nemesis of my husband.  I can usually hear him swearing down stairs as he steps on the last few kernals that have hidden themsleves in the basement.

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