Monday, August 15, 2011

Two Weeks and Counting till the Real Mother's Day...

No, I have actually loved being home this summer but alas it is coming down to the wire.  School starts back up for me on my son's 6th birthday. This will be the first birthday I will have missed.  Which is totally going down in the mental rolodex as things-that-should-automatically-get-a-mom-out-of-work-card.

But regardless, we still have to start getting back into school routine.  So this week is the re-initaition of sleep by 7 pm.  My kids are ogres when they don't get enough sleep. Add the stress (good and bad) of going back to school, and they are apt to have meltdowns.  Though returning to the same school, Boog will be entering first grade. AHHHHHHH! Sorry.  Just can't believe my Boog is a "grader" now.  Though, him grammatically correcting me should be a hint that he is ready to go back.  "Mom, you mean WHEN we're ready to go in the pool, not AFTER..."  My bad.

Mudge, well, he is going to Boog's school for preschool.  I am hoping for a smooth transition as he will have his big, bad older brother to protect him.  But I am also praying for his teacher, as he holds up his halo with devil horns.  Needless to say it will be an interesting year.

We are pretty lucky since back-to-school shopping only consisted of materials, on sale at Target, Staples, and whereever else had the stuff under a buck.  Boog wears a uniform, the best thing ever! And Mudge frankly doesn't need any clothes.  I bought backpacks on clearance from LL Bean a few months ago, as well as the lunch boxes from Lands End.  So I feel ready...ish.

With all that under my belt, I think I'll start Chrismakkah shopping ;)

What are your back to school preparations like???

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