Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Discover the Connecticut Children's Museum, if you are in the area....

Right down the street from my site of OT study in West Hartford, Connecticut, is The Children's Museum.  When my friend suggested we'd go, as we both have the Association of Science and Technology Centers Ecotarium pass which reciprocates with the Children's Museum for free, I figured what the heck.  It was an easily recalled drive for me, just exit 43 off Route 84.
So after the 90 minute car ride with a case of the nuh hun and yeah huhs, we made it.  We attempted to Kinnect with the moon and Mars, but it wasn't too effective so we trotted off to a prehistoric area. The kids explored in the dinosaur dig and mining area, "drove" a jeep, and looked at creepy crawlies.

Outside they played mini golf.  And by played, I mean whacked balls around happily.  Then even experimented with sound with parabolic whisper dishes which were pretty cool.  And of course traversed through a giant Sperm Whale replica that blew water out his blow hole.  Pretty funny.  Not so funny when Mudget and Boog decided to stomp in the mud puddle it created. C'est la vie.

He managed to locate the dino's rump.

After a break for lunch we headed back in to find the best parts.  Downstairs is what lies the creativity zone of legos (they need more axles for the car race section), bubble blasting and TV green screens. We must have been down there for another hour and a half by the time we recommended ice cream.
So after four hours there, we drove to the center of West Hartford to get ice cream, locating both a Ben and Jerry's and a Friendly's.  We opted for the Vermont route.  All in all, a fun day with the kids.  If you have the ASTC pass, its not a bad stop for a free day.  Otherwise it is pricey at $11 per person, free for under 2.


  1. The ct science center has free admission for teachers and administrators,