Friday, July 15, 2011

Audubon Fort Wildlife Refuge

So we completed the third of the at least six we need to do as part of our Passport to the Trails program through the Audobon Society of RI.
It was a gorgeous day and we were up early, so I packed some snacks, water, and their bikes and off we went.  The Fort Wildlife Refuge Trail is located on Route 5 in North Smithfield, across from Primrose Fire Department.  The terrain on the blue trail itself was pretty doable, but it was the freaking bugs that were making us use our fast feet.  Even though we doused ourselves with OFF, they found every spot that apparently wasn't like our eyes, ears and nostrils.  It was really annoying.  And we now have welts on our bodies that rival small countries.

The boys decided we all needed names on this hike.  I was "Captain", because I was the adult.  Mudge was "Look Out" for a couple of reasons: 1. He was using the binoculars 2. I kept having to tell me to look out because he wasn't watching where he was stepping.  Boog was "The Entomologist" because he was the expert.

Despite the bugs, we prevailed and located the Frog rubbing near the pond.  We really didn't stop much because of the bugs, and I ended up carrying Mudge some of the way.  But it was a good mile of being outdoors, going through "Fern Forest" and over "Broken Stump Log" as the boys cleverly named them.

Now I have to decide which one we'll do next...

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