Monday, July 25, 2011

Messing with the kids is fun...

We love to screw with our boys. It keeps us giggling about our "effective" parenting skills. So here are some of the few examples we have messed with them, just for fun:

1. We convinced them that I, as well as all moms, do in fact have eyes located in the back of my head, under my hair. And because Dad does not have hair, he doesn't have them.
2. We threatened to take away Mudge's third birthday for almost a month if he didn't eat his supper or clean up his toys.
3. As previously noted, we convinced them that Kyle was indeed a real pirate. The real sword helped.
4. We ask if we need to cut off their appendages if they are complaining of a minor boo boo.
5. If it looks like a nugget, it must be a nugget, even if it isn't.
6. Telling them they can get up and out of bed until the duck quacks. Amazingly it doesn't quack until morning
7. Nana is certainly the creator of Mario Kart, so ask her all of the questions

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