Thursday, July 14, 2011

Road ID, My Family's Peace of Mind

It started when Kyle began running about a year ago. He had little choice but to run in dark.  Durty Feets told me about his Road ID so I looked into the company. Road ID is well known among runners for their basic concept of an identification bracelet for the just-in-cases of the world.  You know, get hit by a car, have an asthma attack, pass out from heat exhaustion, whatever.

At Christmas time, I purchased the Wrist ID Sport (above), the Firefly Supernova in blue (below), Firelfy laces and some Speede and Aireator socks. Like I said he was running at night, I wanted him to make it home. He could have caused a seizure to drivers with the Supernova on blink mode, but he could be seen.  And that's what I wanted.

But now fast forward to current day.  I have been running for a few months, completed one 5K, and had done so using my husband's identification.  Kinda funny since my cell is on his bracelet so that wouldnt do me any good; luckily it has room for 2 contacts.  Finally the other day, I purchased my own Road ID Slim, which is basically a silicone wrist band with the metal identification piece attached.

I've worn it running, and I am also wearing it when I am out with the kids for the same reasons.  My oldest knows our home telephone number, but in case of emergency the Road ID has my two contacts.  God forbid anything happens during a nature walk or a bike ride, at least someone can get in touch with my family.  I am actually considering getting the two boys their own IDs as well.  It is also a good alternative to the medical ID bracelet and because it comes in different colors and styles, children with special needs can wear it without feeling funny, especially if they have the Shoe or the Ankle ID.  And now, Road ID has come out with a pooch friendly Scout ID that doesn't jingle, like the one our dog Maggie uses.
There are tons of reason to check out Road ID, but the main one is for peace of mind, which is why it was created.

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  1. I've been thinking about getting a roadID slim for M. We could put contact info and food allergies on it. He'd LOVE it because he'd be like dad. I think the little one is too small to keep it on.