Friday, July 1, 2011

Break-nic or Pic-fast, whatever you call it, have one

Momma, can we go outside?

Well it's 830 in the morning, but in the spirit of good mothering and desire to avoid whining, yes, I will take my cup of coffee outside while you play baseball in tee shirt, shorts, a winter hat and Diego garden gloves, because what else might you wear...

Momma can I have a snack?

No. (insert whine-inator) but you can have breakfast at the picnic table.

Oh yes momma.

So with Boog in his jammies and the Mudget creatively dressed, we ate our breakfast outside this beautiful morning. It was sunny and warm in the backyard while they ate their waffles. And we were even able to do a little bug hunt, finding what we believed was a green jumping spider, as we are now certified entelmogists thanks to repeatedly watching Monster Bug Wars.

So if you never had a break-nic or pic-fast, try it. Picnics are no longer just for lunches.

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