Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Turtles, and Alligators, and Scorpions, Oh My!!!

Arachnophobes, Ophidiophobes, and Herpetophobes beware.  RI House of Reptiles is full of everthing a little boy can dream of.

I took the boys on a hop, skip and a jump to 580 Harris Ave, Providence to check out RIHOR, since their predecessor, Regal Reptiles is closed.  And we were so glad we did.
Yes, that IS a SCORPION on Booger

The kids got to come face to face and handle a ton of creatures including but not limited to: a large Albino Burmese Python, a scorpion, a chinchilla, a ferret, a turtle, a tarantula, an alligator, some cockroaches, and a gecko (which now is on Boog's birthday wish list).
Normally, I wouldn't post a pic of myself but the snake was 55lbs and putting his tail in my pockets.

The family owned and operated business includes Beth and her 11 year old son Fox who were there today to give us the world of information and experiences.  We got to feed the turtles these super meal worms, which had I not had sons, I would NEVER have done.  We witnessed alligator feedings.  Super cool.

The closest I will EVER let my son near an alligator.

For $6 (and if you go to their website, you can print out a BOGOF) we were there for 2 hours and we had such a great time.  Be prepared to park on the street, as it is a little off the beaten path. They also offer educational programs for schools and birthday parties.
Bring your camera, curiosity, and your courage.  You'll need them all.

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