Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back to Reality....

Just returned from Lake Ossipee, New Hampshire. It was...

Liberating.  Except to read on my iPad, I vigilantly tried to limit any WiFi, hence lack of posts.  And frankly most of the people I would talk to were sharing the sites with me.

Pleasurable.  Actually read an entire book over the week, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Frustrating.  Now I have to get The Girl Who Played with Fire.
Gorgeous.  Couldn't beat the scenery.  Lake front property.
Tasty.  Grilled pizzas, swiss and shroom infused and bacon cheddar burgers, sangria, grilled chicken, steak, roasted mega marshmallows, and circus peanuts (thanks pam).   Now I am hungry.
Fun. Absolutely.  Jumped off the Pirate Boat with swabby mates.  Knee Boarded. Swam. Ran. Rode Bikes. Had a Pirate Treasure Hunt.
Relaxing. Kind of, since there were a total of 8 kids under 6 years old.
But all in all, a wonderful vacation spent with wonderful friends and family.

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