Friday, July 29, 2011

Kids pick out the oddest presents....

Going to a liquor store with my children is NOT what I would normally do.  But today was a special day. We had to go birthday shopping for Daddy, who is turning 40 tomorrow.

The funny thing is Boog wanted to get him a tool.  Great.  Went to Home Depot and picked out a Dremel thing and off we went.

But the Mudge wanted to get Daddy something special: "his favorite cookies and his favorite beer, Samuel Adams."  OK.  So we stopped at Stop and Shop to pick up a half dozen packages of Milano cookies.  Then I reluctantly took them into the liquor store to pick out beer.  "But mom, only Daddy can drink it because he's older than 21.  He's gonna turn 40 and that is way older." Yes, Boog.  And we even found some pirate beer.  Couldn't pass that one up since Daddy is a pirate. 

The kids were soooo excited to give him their presents, and also the handmade cards.  Boog wrote out the reasons that he loved Daddy, and I scribed for Mudge.  Things like: Because he loves me; Because I play paper, scissors, rocks with him; Because I like him; Because he goes swimming in the pool with me; Because I hug him.

It was so cute and meaningful.  Way better than Hallmark.  In fact, I've given up on purchasing cards from the kids over the past year, because they enjoy making them for their friends and family, and it is fun to see their creativity shine through.

Anyway, at least Daddy will be set on grog for a few weeks....

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