Sunday, July 31, 2011

Buy some peanuts and cracker jacks....

Today was our first family baseball game.  We had won a four pack of PawSox tickets for today's game, earlier this summer.  I haven't been to McCoy stadium in close to 10 years but not much has changed.

I love its family friendliness.  Much of the blue section seats are shaded, big plus for the little ones.  There are facts about the team and stadium all over the place.  General admission tickets are $5 for kids and $7 for adults.  I mean, really, it costs more to go to the movies.  And for a whopping $1.75 the boys split a giant freeze pop, turning their faces and hands blue.
I had to giggle.  I loved the old baseball tunes playing in the background, including "We're talkin' baseball" which I only know because of an obscure Simpson's reference "...we're talkin' Homer, Ozzy, and the Straw...."   I loved that episode.  But I digress...
We tried to teach the boys the little about baseball we knew, because neither of us are actaul fans of the sport (yeah, the NFL lockout is done!)  But Boog was catching on, and Mudge wanted to know about the "guy that fell" when a player slid into second.
We had preplanned that we would only stay a few innings.   We stayed through the bottom of the fourth, since we know our kids would NOT last an entire game, especially during a nap time. And it was just enough.  They got their first baseball experience with the Pawtucket Red Sox versus the Louisville Bats (at the point we left, they were behind 4:1).  Would I go again? Absolutely! It's a great experience all around.

For further family frugalness, you can pick up discounted tickets through your local AAA. You can also sign up the kids for the Paw Sox Kids Club to get freebies and special events.

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