Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swabby Mates and the Pirate Ship

So many of the kids would not keep their hats on their heads, but thanks to Captain Kyle and the other dads, the Scurvy Swabby Mate crew was born.
For less than $2 a pop, we purchased bandanas for the kids.  Their pirate hats would keep their mow-hawked heads safe from the sun while in the water and on the boat.
It worked perfectly.  Even the 18 month olds would happily keep them on.  And the infant pirates as well.

So in their pirate hats, they were beckoned to the pirate ship, UB's boat anchored just slightly off shore, to jump the plank.  And they did this for hours.  They did this for 7 days.  It was great to watch and be a part of.
It is pretty funny, now, because the tale of Captain Kyle started before our trip.  He convinced Boog and Mudge that he was in fact a pirate.  He had the sword to prove it.  They believe it and have asked if they are now part of his crew since they walked the plank and said "Arrr" all week.

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