Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fort Hill Farms, a little gem in Thompson

On the advice of a friend, we took a drive up to Thompson, CT to visit Fort Hill Farms for some ice cream, but found a lot more.  Nestled in the backwoods of northeastern Connecticut, Fort Hill Farms is quiet and clean.  The property itself has quite a history dating back to the 1600s.
There is, of course, the creamery with phenomenal ice cream made from their cows' milk.  Boog chose Mint Chip, Kyle had the Maple Walnut, I had the Nutter Peanut Butter, and Mudge had a chocolate shake.  All of which could have taken the place of dinner tonight.  You can even buy a pint of Farmer's Cow Ice Cream to go, but you would probably eat in on the way home.
Besides the creamery, you walk through a lavender and assorted wild flower gardens.  A corn maze opens in the fall when the corn grows to best hide and seek height.  And you can even pan for "gold and minerals" by purchasing a bag and then sifting through it in the water mill at the edge of the creamery.  There are animals to check out like pheasants, peacocks and the cows.  And they offer a variety of pick your own fruits when in season.  I was also highly impressed and excited to see a hay ride with wheel chair access utilizing an electric lift and clips for safe harvest rides.

So if you are looking for a new place to try some delicious ice cream and just get into some quiet scenery, away from the house, take a drive up Route 44 or 395 to Thompson to Fort Hill Farms.  I am sure, at least you could leave your children there.....

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  1. Come back Oct 8 for the A-MAZE-ING Story Slam and tethered hot air baloon rides to benefit CT. Storytelling Center! Kristin is always a helpful host!!!