Monday, June 20, 2011

The home stretch

The reason I talk to myself is that I'm the only one whose answers I accept. George Carlin

Just a few more days to go to summer vacation and I am getting antsy. I am trying to tie up loose ends at work, making sure everything has the proverbial bow on it, Is are dotted and Ts are crossed. Also trying to clean shop. By this time of year our OT room is quite out of sorts, paints, scissors and scrap paper everywhere. As is my house.

But that light is shining at me from the end of the tunnel, blinking, saying "Come on, Becca, just a few more days and then you can make frozen mommy drinks all summer long, and play with the children, and maybe even run in the morning because realistically that is the only time you will have the energy to do it...". Wow, that light is verbose.

And while that light babbles, I am looking forward to going through the piles we have accumulated over the school year. I say we, but I know really it is just me. Every week, Kyle places my pile down in the basement in a large container so that it is no longer an eye sore. I find it incredibly annoying, but I let him do it because it makes him happy. In all reality, I just go down there, once a month, and bring most of it back up. And I also have to go through boog's work and keep the good stuff, recycle the rest. I hope to eventually get a nice little organizer as the keepsake bin. I already started going through clothes to pack away. I hope the momentum can continue once my summer vacation starts, I'll just have to see...

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