Friday, June 10, 2011

Remember the seed in the little paper cup....

In honor of our little Kindergarten and Preschool graduations rapidly coming, I found it appropriate to share a great folk song similar to Robert Fulghum's poem "All I Really Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten."  It's called Kindergarten Wall by John McCutcheon. McCutcheon is a multi-grammy-nominated folk singer /songwriter with years of music under his belt.  But it is this song I love, and now Booger does as well.  I think you will too.  When your little one is grown, you can share it with them again, because the words are simple and true.  You can download it on iTunes for $0.99. It is well worth the dollar....

The Kindergarten Wall
When I was a little kid not so long ago
I had to learn a lot of stuff I didn't even know
How to dress myself, tie my shoes, how to jump a rope
How to smile for a picture without looking like a dope
But of all the things I learned my favorite of them all
Was a little poem hanging on the kindergarten wall

Of all you learn here remember this the best:
Don't hurt each other and clean up your mess
Take a nap everyday, wash before you eat
Hold hands, stick together, look before you cross the street
And remember the seed in the little paper cup:
First the root goes down and then the plant grows up!
Well, it was first, second, third grade, fourth grade, too
Where I had to learn the big things the big kids do
To add, subtract, and multiply, read and write and play
How to sit in a little uncomfortable desk for nearly half a day
But of all they taught me my favorite of them all
Was the little poem hanging on the kindergarten wall
But lately I've been worried as I look around and see
An awful lot of grown-ups acting foolish as can be
Now I know there's lots of things to know I haven't mastered yet
But it seems there's real important stuff that grown-ups soon forget
So I'm sure we'd all be better off if we would just recall
That little poem hanging on the kindergarten wall
Words and Music by John McCutcheon, Mail Myself to You
©1988 by John McCutcheon. Published by Appalsongs (ASCAP)

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