Sunday, June 26, 2011

Number of Jumps into Pool/length of swim time = Days without Bath

We were pondering today what is the correct equation for how many days a child could go without a bath if you have access to water play.

First Scenario:
Ocean Swimming= zero days.  The salt water is way too nasty on hair and skin, for both boys and girls

Second Scenario:
Fresh Water Swimming= 0-1 day depending on locality and "Freshness" of the lake or river.  ie Jumping in the Saco River in Maine, you could go 1-2 days easy; Spring Lake, I would still hose the kids down.

Third Scenario:
Pool= 1-2 days.  If the child is submerging self at end of day to the point of exhaustion, take them out, dry them off and put them in the jammies. And if it happens the following day too, who cares.

Now mind you, I have two boys with short (soon to be mohawked) hair.  Girls are a different story because of the rats nests that can occur, however with a good spray in detangler, they too can skip a bath or two.  :)

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