Sunday, June 5, 2011

The PeePee Shed or Dropping Trou' in Public

It was the middle of the summer when we first were training Booger to use the potty right before he entered preschool at 2 3/4 years of age.  And since we were outside most of the time, I loaded him up with watery lemonade, sunscreen and only a shirt and underwear.  I basically kept changing his underwear until he started understanding to pull them down to go.  Now mind you, we live in a pretty rural area and have a backyard into which barely our neighbors could see through the trees.  So all went well.  And he learned to pee pee standing up, aiming at leaves.

Fast forward two years later when Mudget is learning to potty train, even sooner and quicker than the older one because, quite frankly, anything you can do, I can do right now too.  So the boys would go on the merry way, playing in the back yard, and when the urge came, they would run over to the shed in the backyard screaming "I'm going to the pee pee shed!"  OK!  And it was fine.  Until they started looking for pee pee sheds/trees/rocks/stumps in public.

I remember being at the playground, with Booger and Mudget.  I turned around to say something to Boog, and look back to see Mudget pushing his pants down saying he had to pee and wanted to know where the pee pee tree was like a Papa's house.  I had to quickly pull up his pants and explain that there was no pee pee tree at the playground, packed them in the car and headed for Newport Creamery- the closest place I could think of with a bathroom.

Then just the other day, I had finished packing the car of groceries, Mudget was sitting in his seat. I turned to return the cart and boom, there he was in the parking lot, trousers down, peeing.  Oh sweet lord.  "I had to pee momma." Yup, I guess you did.

These are only 2 of the COUNTLESS examples of the lack of modesty my children have, though I have tried to explain to them how we only get to do that special pee pee tree/shed/bush/rock in our backyard or at Papa's house and not in the mall parking lot or the playground or in the front yard.  Their innocence and cuteness has luckily spared them from being slapped with a public indecency ticket, so far....

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