Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One of the best parts of summer is the impromptu get togethers

Life moves quickly in these parts of the woods, even though it is hickville.  Places to go, people to see, things to do.  And of course, work gets in the way, as do the colds and viruses.  But now that summer is here, the level of leniency increases for the kids' bedtimes and routines.

 Normally, during the school year our schedule is pretty regimented.  Get home, eat supper, bath, and bed.  Kids are down by 7 pm.  No joke.  Not much you can do about that or we end up paying dearly in the morning.  Now that we've had 4 days of relaxed mornings, I have been able to keep them up to 8 pm.  It doesn't seem like much, but that extra hour has led to after supper pool time and more grilling time, which I love.
Yesterday was grilled pizzas (and grilled s'more pizza too for the boys).  Tonight was sirloin tips and chicken.  And I am itching to grill some squash.  What was so great, though, the fact that my girlfriend, my sister and brother in law, and all the niece and nephews ended up here and was basically a midweek grillin'  chillin' party in the backyard.  With the finale of swimming, Mudge of course in his underwear.
So now the boys are in bed, exhausted.  And I can only hope they start to sleep in a little bit; come on, it's my summer vacation too

S'More Pizza:
Store bought dough
Mini Marshmallows

Let dough warm up on counter for a 1/2 hour or so before prepping
Get the grill hot, high flame while you are prepping
Coat small dough balls with olive oil and flatten into amoeba shape
Right before you put the dough on the grill, throw it on Low flame
Dough on, shut cover for a few minutes depending on crispiness desired
Lather Nutella and marshmallows
Close cover again until marshmallows start to expand and dough is crispy

Other Options:
Reese's Pizza: PB and Nutella
Elvis: PB and Banana Slices
Rocky Road: Nutella, Walnuts, and Marshmallows
Harvest: PB, Apple Slices and Walnuts

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