Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oh its pointless staying up for even 20 seconds more...

The day is done
The sun is down
The curtains have been drawn
And darkness has descended over everything in town
The covers have been turned and I've got my pajamas on
I've had my fun
I've stretched and yawned and all is said and done
I'm going to bed
Bed bed bed bed bed

It's funny that I discuss the boys' sleep routine since I totally messed them up last night. You see our bedtime routine is very regimented. If we veer far from it, we pay dearly with crankiness, late risers on school days, or in the Mudget's case, way too early rising.  Like today, after going to be close to 9 last night, he woke up at 630 ish and then fell asleep on me around 730 for another hour.  I know tomorrow, they will both want to sleep till 8. It reminds me like when you hit 30, you are sore two days after a workout.  Same theory....

Anyway, bedtime routine starts at supper. Eat. Very integral part, can't go to bed hungry. Then bath, jammies, show, tickle teeth, sneaky peeps, story, and finally... sleep. And it has been like this for five years. By seven, both boys are in bed. Boog is a 12 hour sleeper. Any less than that there will be hell to pay. Mudget enjoys 10 or less, and even though we try.

At first, it put a damper on social gatherings because we would try to keep them to within a half hour to their bed times regardless of where we were. We were always leaving early.  Its seven, time to go and put the kids to bed.  But now as they are getting older, we have introduced a little more flexibility into the routine, which does continue to bite us in the butt, but ya gotta live a little.  And I have learned that as much as I like MY sleep, I will have to wait until they are in their teens to get to sleep in...

They Might Be Giants
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