Monday, June 6, 2011

The Running Skort, or WTH did you get me???

Hun, I think you might kill me for what I got for you...

Unsure of his purchase, Kyle took out something from the Marshall's bag.  It was white and small, and I first I thought it was a new running shirt. But no, I was thinking about the wrong half of my body.  It was a running skirt.  Really, Ky, when was the last time you saw me in a skirt?  

I am used to wearing jeans, tee shirt and flip flops, not a fru fru skirt.  But this is a new thing, well fairly new.  Slowly over the past few years, I have seen more and more women sport these skorts, for lack of a better term, instead of the running short.  They seem to be a little more forgiving on the post baby body than then average pair of track shorts.  But it is still a skirt.  Reluctantly, I put it on and tried it out.  And I was pleasantly surprised.  Besides being white which offset my pasty legs nicely, the fabric was not too tight and fairly breatheable.  A few times, the inner short did ride up, but nothing too deep into crevasses that I couldn't fix subtly.   This Avia skort uses a moisture wicking material to help me stay cool, though I think the shade and breeze had more to do with it.

Depending on your need and style, you can find almost anything, keeping in mind 3 things:
Length: Ranges from the "I have not had a kid" bikini-cut bottoms to a more modest inseam
Fabric: Heavier-weight knits, with a wide, flat waistband, are good for (5 yr) post baby belly coverage, while lightweight wovens are ideal for hot summer days. 
Pockets: Size varies from just big enough for a key or Chapstick to generous enough for an a can of mace. 

Though I am not convinced I00% that I like the running skort, I will give it another try since it was pretty airy and comfortable during my run.  I think it is that I am more self conscious about my blinding legs and low knees.  .

For more styles check out Skirt Sports, home of the Skirt Chaser 5K or go to your local Marshalls, that's where Kyle found mine...

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