Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I soooooooo need that mommy... the power of commercials

Mom, is your computer running slow? No, honey.  Well if you went to www.cleanmyPC.com it would be SOOOO much quicker I bet!

I am not kidding, that came out of Boog's mouth just a few hours ago.  He is either beginning his career in info-mertials or the television has corrupted his brain.

Just like many people, kids, especially mine, are influenced by the commercial.  For quite some time we had avoided them because the shows they watched up until this past year were only on Sprout or Nick Jr.  But now, as well delve into Nickelodeon or the Science Channel the Commercial has entered our lives.

Oh Mommy I totally need that Cookie Press.  
Oh Mommy I really want one of those helicopters.  
Oh Mommy Colgate keeps our teeth the cleanest.

For their under 6 year old minds, they are highly suggestive to the stuff around them.  I am not a TV hater, by any means.  But as parents, we try to take responsibility for what our kids watch, eat, play with, etc.  So even though Mudget thinks he would go coo coo for Cocoa Puffs, I for the most part won't cave in to the demands of his little brainwashed world.  On the bright side, they are learning about sales, money management, advertising, and the benefits of brushing their teeth with a tooth paste 9 out of 10 dentists recommended ...

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