Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thermos Funtainer Bottle- Best Thermos Ever!!!

I keep stealing sips from Boog's Ironman Thermos. I filled it with ice and water this morning at 9 am and at 8 pm it still has ice cubes in it!!! Not kidding. This thermos is awesome.

It is called the Thermos Funtainer bottle, 12 oz.  When Thermos states it "stays cold for 12 hours", I assure you it does!   According to there information detail, it uses a "double wall vacuum insulation".  It is dishwasher safe.  Kid proof design and has taken a beating from my children.  I love the push button lid with pop up straw; it is incredibly easy for the little ones to use.

You can get them at Target for $13.99

In fact Toys R Us is selling the for 25% off, according to todays flier., originally 14.99 to 16.49

But by far, best price was $6.99 at Ocean State Job Lot over the weekend for Bakugan and Batman types.

They are made of stainless steel and the silicone straw just has a good flow. Like I said, it was making me drink more water as well as the kids.  I only use them for water, but I am sure you can put juice in them.   So if you want to go green and pitch the disposable and non PBA bottles, I HIGHLY recommend these to keep everyone hydrated and happy this summer.

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